AMA Recruit is a fully owned entity of the Australian Medical Association in Western Australia. Over the past 20 years, we have been highly successful in placing candidates across the commercial, government and non-profit sectors. We have received great feedback from our candidates for our professionalism in helping people land their dream position.

Our relationship with the AMAWA gives us access to a wealth of networks and industry connections. AMA Recruit has exclusive access to many job vacancies and opportunities for our candidates. We pride ourselves on being there for our candidates from the beginning to the end, offering comprehensive career guidance and planning services.

Our candidates don’t necessarily reside in Australia. AMA Recruit understands that there are many fantastic medical practitioners from all around the world, and we are ably set up to assist you with moving to Australia. We offer holistic recruitment services for Overseas Trained Doctors that helps them acclimatise and settle into the Australian healthcare system.

AMA Recruit offers comprehensive placement services for candidates across our four main sectors:

If you’re looking for a career shakeup, click above on our dedicated pages about each respective sector for more information on what AMA Recruit can offer you.

Please contact us if you have any further questions or to discuss your recruitment requirements.