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    Bullsbrook, WA 6084

    Bullsbrook, WA 6084 | DWS, RA-2, MMM-3 | independent practice, strategic location, large catchment area | supportive and passionate practice team DWS location - independant practice in a semi-rural location Large projected population growth, large catc...

    Date Posted: 05/21/2019



  • The Lovelorn Patient | AMA WA20 May 2019 There is no rhyme or reason to the romantic feelings some patients develop for their doctor. It may be a physical attraction, the result of an exaggerated deference to authority, or a reflection of the patient’s personal situation.
  • Building Capacity | AMA WA16 May 2019 Royal Commission into Aged Care Safety and Quality is set to examine (among many issues) end-of-life care in the residential aged care system.
  • Urgent Care Clinics a win for common sense | AMA WA16 May 2019 One of the McGowan Government’s key primary care election commitments was the establishment of Urgent Care Clinics (UCCs) to provide the public with an alternative to presenting to emergency departments for acute but not life-threatening conditions.
  • Unions demand emergency talks on staff violence in WA hospitals16 May 2019 Statistics show violent incidents in WA hospitals is on the rise, with one incident occurring every hour on average.
  • Free CPR for GP Members14 May 2019 Australian Medical Association (WA)
  • 9 News Perth13 May 2019 Doctors want extra security after a nurse was attacked by a patient at Royal Perth Hospital.
  • The computer says: Upgrade! | AMA WA13 May 2019 The other day, while I was sitting in a GP clinic, a patient came in requesting a Centrelink medical certificate. She was bright and bubbly, but had a bone to pick with the doctor. “The last doctor didn’t fill …
  • Horror flu claims young WA child10 May 2019 WA has seen an unusually high number of flu cases this year ahead of the peak season, with almost 500 cases reported last month.
  • WA Budget bad news for health | AMA WA09 May 2019 The WA Budget is further bad news for health and means that hospital services will continue to struggle, the Australian Medical Association (WA) said yesterday.
  • Patient registration – threat or opportunity? | AMA WA09 May 2019 There have been lots of proposals and comments swirling around General Practice funding in recent weeks. This is to be expected before an election. However, the presence of the MBS Review, ultimately filtered through the political process, has made …
  • Just like anyone else | AMA WA07 May 2019 Registrars are essential for the running of our units, departments and hospitals in the current health climate in Western Australia. We are responsible for the day-to-day running of the units and care of patients, and we supervise and manage our …
  • Little Green Book – a reliable referral source | AMA WA05 May 2019 The directory is designed for use by GPs, meaning that critical information that can help make a referral decision is readily accessible.
  • The long, winding road | AMA WA03 May 2019 As an advanced trainee in General Paediatrics with the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, my special interests include vulnerable children and advocacy, global health and medical education.
  • Why you shouldn’t get sick this Sunday02 May 2019 Doctors have raised concerns that patient care will be compromised.
  • Labor Party Preventive Health Announcement - AMA (WA) Reaction | AMA WA02 May 2019 The policy, first announced in June 2016, acknowledges the importance of prevention but is weak without firm undertakings such as a pledge to introduce a sugar tax or to take concrete steps to address excessive alcohol consumption. …