Youth Friendly Doctor

The Youth Friendly Doctor (YFD) program is designed to provide medical professionals with the skills and knowledge to remain up to date with the most pertinent issues affecting young people and how to best manage these issues.

The program is developed and delivered by health professionals with specific skills in the area of youth health, providing the most current information.

CPD points are accepted by the RACGP andACCRM.

Doctors who complete the YFD Training Program, join the YFD Directory.


  • The MBS re-examined – Will it benefit General Practice this time? | AMA WA18 Nov 2019 Why are GPs the slow-boiling frogs of the health system? Calculated before tax but after practice expenses, the latest figures show that annual incomes dropped 3 per cent between 2016 and 2017 – the final year when the Medicare rebate …
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  • We need to get the services right – and to the right people | AMA WA15 Nov 2019 When I addressed the National Press Club in July this year, I spoke about wanting to improve mental health outcomes for young people and the implementation of a targeted plan towards zero youth suicide in remote communities. We are …
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  • Mental health ED crisis worsens | AMA WA06 Nov 2019 Despite Health Minister Roger Cook planning to enforce a strict “memo to minister” system, making it mandatory for hospitals to tell him if a patient has been held in emergency for 24 hours.
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